Obstacles and Opportunities for the Cloud-wary and Cloud-wise

Watch the webinar to understand the performance and price challenges with virtual public cloud.

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Obstacles and Opportunities for the Cloud-wary and Cloud-wise

In the recently published Cloud Landscape Report, Internap revealed the significant differences in public cloud infrastructure concerns between the cloud-wise and the cloud-wary.

While the confidence level in cloud services has clearly grown for the cloud-wise, new pain points have emerged; and legacy concerns – such as security – continue to persist for the cloud-wary.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the report findings and explore the notable performance and price challenges users are encountering with virtual public cloud, particularly for real-time, data-intensive and scale-out applications.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Are the cloud-wary overestimating cloud security risks?
  • What are the new challenges faced by organizations currently using public cloud services?
  • How are fast, big data apps putting pressure on public virtual clouds?
  • What other forms of public cloud address the challenges presented by changing application requirements?