Taptica Drives Mobile Engagement for Marketers

Business Challenge

Taptica, a mobile user engagement platform, receives more than 400 billion real-time ad requests per month and counting. To accommodate the increasing volume of requests, the company sought an efficient, low-latency infrastructure solution with high CPU usage and disk I/O, along with consistent, high performance at scale.


For real-time ad exchanges and mobile advertisers, every millisecond counts. Internap’s bare-metal AgileSERVER provides access to 100% of the dedicated instances to help Taptica maximize their CPU usage and get more consistent performance. Taptica also uses Internap’s AgileCLOUD platform for devops and R&D testing workloads, which ensures the same level of performance between development and live production environments. Taptica transitioned most of its customer-facing workloads to Internap, and is currently hosted in Internap’s Secaucus, N.J. and Amsterdam data centers.


  • Better positioned to address future growth and scale
  • Significant cost savings
  • Consistent performance from dev through production
  • Dedicated instances allow 100% CPU usage

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