Customer Spotlight - Outbrain

Watch Outbrain’s John LoGioco, Executive Vice President, and Shai Peretz, SVP, Operations and IT, discuss their relationship with Internap and how their solution helps engage audiences and amplify content.

Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform on the web, helping companies grow their audience and increase reader engagement via an online content recommendations engine. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York, the company has 15 offices around the world and recently expanded its European presence.

With colocation services in Internap’s NY metro data center, Outbrain benefits from high-density power capabilities and low latency between data centers and end users. These services allow Outbrain to get the most value from their colocation footprint while also providing a highly available solution for their customers and partners.

Learn more about how Outbrain uses colocation as part of a flexible IT infrastructure.


At Outbrain, we’ve always been passionate about one simple thing and that is how do we help folks like you and I discover interesting content when you’re out there browsing and reading content on your own. It’s simply when folks are reading an article or watching a video, like flipping a page in a magazine, where would you be clicking to next that would really be satisfying for you?

So when you go on a site of one of the publishers, which are our partners, and you read the story, underneath the story you’ll have our recommendation box, our widget. Which can present itself in many different ways and can be customized and blend into the site in a way that it would feel as part of the publisher’s website.

Out of the millions of pieces of content that are able to be shown, the technology fights over what it thinks is the best. We figured that if we could create an Outbrain, something that can help filter all the potential nuggets out there and really deliver to you the best pieces, that we would be providing a net positive experience for people.

We started working with Internap a few years ago as one of our network providers because Internap has special technologies that allow you to use low latency between data centers and with your users. We need high density power, which is something that Internap allowed us to do here in the data center, which was great.

I can tell that working with Internap is a good experience for us and we chose it because it’s a vendor which is in between, not too big and not too small; a vendor that we can grow with and that can provide us the services. And we can still talk to the right people in order to solve issues.