Beyond the Cloud Hype: Hybrid Environments

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Beyond the Cloud Hype: Hybrid Environments

Achieving cost-efficiency and agility through hybridization.

As enterprises consider transitioning from company-owned data centers or colocation facilities to an IaaS model, the benefits must be evaluated at a strategic level. What effect will the transition have on operating costs and business agility? Are there security and compliance concerns that need to be addressed?

A combination of public cloud, other third-party IT service options, such as colocation, managed hosting or even private cloud, and in-house resources can offer a cost-effective approach. A hybrid solution fuses the existing internal capabilities and assets of the IT organization with the scale and immediacy of the cloud.

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  • Why moving all your servers into the cloud will not save money in the long run
  • How the popularity of public IaaS cloud has led to a “Shadow IT” dilemma
  • How enterprises can meet the demand for agility while also maintaining the desired levels of security and control
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