373K solves VoIP traffic challenges with Internap

Business Challenge

With more and more voice traffic being delivered online, 373K needed to meet expectations for high quality, reliable service, particularly among users of mobile over-the-top (OTT) applications and mobile virtual networks. The company planned to build a new platform that could continuously respond to traffic fluctuations, while maintaining robust connectivity with the world’s top carriers. In order to do this, it needed hosting infrastructure that could give the platform on-demand, cloud-like agility, combined with the high-throughput processing power of dedicated servers. It also needed IP connectivity that could help route around network outages, packet loss, jitter and latency.


After exploring several other options, 373K selected Internap’s AgileSERVER bare-metal Infrastructure-as-a-Service, along with its Performance IP™ connectivity service.


  • Significantly improved cost efficiency
  • Increased route stability
  • Improved platform performance