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CharityUSA Uses Simple ‘Click Through’ Activity for the Greater Good

Where Every ‘Click’ Represents a Contribution – Internap Performance IP and Content Delivery Network (CDN) Serves a Vital Function in Garnering Donations for this Network of Charities

ATLANTA, March 30, 2009 — Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP), a global provider of end-to- end Internet business solutions, announced today its Performance IPand Content Delivery Network (CDN) services are powering ― the parent company of the GreaterGood Network ― an affiliation of charity sites, most notably:, ,,, and

The GreaterGood Network’s ‘Click-to-Give’ program is free to anyone visiting its network of sites. A simple click on a giant button at the top of the page results in a sponsoring advertiser making a donation. The cumulative impact of this simple clicking can be significant. One example, has funded millions of tons of food since it began in 1999.

The GreaterGood Network also allows visitors to make donations to charities and projects through the innovative ‘Gifts that Give More’ program. With both the ‘Click-to Give’ and the ‘Gifts That Give More’ programs, everything received is passed to the participating nonprofits. In 2008, the GreaterGood Network programs granted more than $3.4 million to more than 50 charities in the United States and around the world.

As an Internet-only business, depends on reliable service from its vendors. “We’ve been working with Internap for more than a decade,” said’’s Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Halstead. “In that time, we have never experienced a network outage. When we did have an issue with one of Internap’s peers, they routed around the issue and we never missed a beat. After loading our current collection of images for each site into the Internap CDN, we have found the performance to be greatly improved for the end-users.”

“GreaterGood Network has harnessed the power of the simplest online activity — clicking — to do great things,” said Internap Chief Technology Officer Tim Sullivan. “Every click, however, needs to trigger a behind-the-scenes activity for it to register as a donation to the charities. The 100 percent connectivity performance guarantees offered by Internap are vital to every charity supported by the GreaterGood Network. Internap is proud to play a role in keeping buttons clicking and the donations coming in.”

Internap offers a unique, bundled solution of CDN, Performance IP and data center colocation that comes with a 100 percent performance service level agreement (SLA). The CDN supports all major streaming media formats, including Adobe® Flash, Microsoft® Windows Media, Silverlight and HTTP/Web downloads. Internap’s CDN also includes MediaConsole®, a workflow management toolset for streaming media that consists of a media manager, pre-built video skins and a real-time reporting dashboard.


The websites bring together communities that care, giving individuals the power to make a difference in the world with simple, every day actions. Visitors to the sites can benefit leading nonprofit organizations by choosing from a range of activities including clicking on the free contribution button daily to shopping for gifts, apparel, jewelry, and home décor in the do-good stores to give even more funding.