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Managed DNS

Defeat latency with DNS optimization

INAP’s Managed DNS service increases the availability, velocity and flexibility of your websites and online applications. A robust Domain Name System (DNS) service is essential for your internet applications to be reliable and quickly accessible to end users. A fully managed network backed by our proprietary route optimization technology minimizes latency and improves DNS consistency.

Even the smallest amount of downtime can negatively impact revenue and customer loyalty. A sudden surge in DNS lookups or the failure of a single name server can cause poorly designed systems to buckle, creating bottlenecks and severely impacting the time it takes users to access your content.

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24 Global DNS POPsDNS_POPs
  • Anycast DNSWith 24 Points of Presence (POPs) worldwide, Managed DNS sends requests to the closest name server. Multiple networks dynamically respond to the same IP address, optimizing global DNS performance and improving uptime.
  • Geographic RoutingManaged DNS resolves requests based on the requester’s geographic location. Pointing to the closest content server IP address drastically improves Time To First Byte.
  • Active FailoverDNS monitoring tracks the availability and health of your online resources 24/7. In case of an outage, Managed DNS will automatically redirect traffic to a secondary location.
  • Customer PortalCreate and publish zone files, manage versioning, edit DNS records and create reports through the INAP customer portal, or use the API to integrate Managed DNS with your existing hosting infrastructure and web applications.
  • Load-based RoutingManaged DNS monitors server loads in real time and points traffic towards the most responsive server’s IP address to ensure optimal DNS server performance.
  • Record Type SupportManaged DNS includes support for multiple record types including A, AAAA, NS, MX, CNAME, TXT and SRV.
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