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Network Services

The fastest route to ultimate application performance

Defeat latency once and for all with INAP’s IP optimization services. Achieve unparalleled performance with reliable access to your applications and content. Backed by proprietary route optimization technology, our IP service provides ultra-low latency for a superior online user experience.

High-availability IP connectivity with access to multiple ISPs offers redundancy and minimizes the risk of network outages. Optimize your global IP network and improve performance for end users around the world.

See the optimal route for your website traffic.See the optimal route for your website traffic.Show Me
  • High-performance network Achieve optimal network performance and reliable, always-on IP connectivity with route-optimized Performance IP service.
  • DNS optimization Achieve low-latency performance for online users worldwide with anycast, geo- and load-based routing across 24 points of presence. Learn more about Managed DNS.

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