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Managed Security

Protection in an ever-changing digital age.

Finding qualified security personnel to manage complex tools and mitigate threats is a challenging and costly endeavor. By hosting your cloud environment with INAP, you don’t have to try. Extend your team and safeguard critical infrastructure with Shield Managed Security, available as add-on services to all INAP Cloud solutions.

Shield Security for INAP Cloud

The following INAP Shield Managed Security services are complementary and included with all INAP Cloud solutions.

24/7 Secure, Access-Controlled Data Centers

  • Carrier-neutral, SOC 2 Type II facilities 
  • Advanced physical and biometric security features
  • Concurrently maintainable, energy-efficient

DDoS Protection & Mitigation*

  • INAP protects and mitigates the impact of distributed denial-of-service attacks on networks by protecting the target and relay networks  
*Availability based on data center location

Private Network Segmentation

  • Isolate or filter traffic for access control
  • Limit exposure to security threats
  • Improve the security posture of your network

Isolated Security Zones

  • Apply security policies to control traffic behind the firewall to ensure that users have access only to what they need and limit compromises to critical systems. 

Account Security

  • Via INAP cloud infrastructure portals, control user access to applications, resources and services  
  • Multifactor authentication available as add-on 

Shield Managed Security
for Application-Level Protection

INAP builds managed security solutions tailored to the exacting requirements of applications and workloads.

Production Workloads, Mission Critical & Sensitive Data

Addressing threats is a moving target.

Gain real-time insight into your environments with Alert Logic managed detection and response (MDR). INAP’s Service First Team and Alert Logic’s SOC ensure that when a security incident is escalated, experts are on top of it.

  • Security analytics and threat intelligence
  • Log collection and monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Asset Discovery and vulnerability scanning
  • 24/7 incident management, escalation and response support

Websites & Ecommerce

Web assets are among the leading targets of cyberattacks. By adding Alert Logic’s Managed Enterprise WAF to your INAP Cloud solution, you get a highly tunable, enterprise-grade, cloud-based WAF as a Service backed by a team of experts.

Dev/Test & Unknown Assets

As application developers increasingly use open source and commercial frameworks and libraries to accelerate their production, they also introduce a long tail of inherited vulnerabilities that increase your attack surface.

Increase the visibility of your environment and identify remediation steps to eliminate threats. Alert Logic Essentials provides continuous discovery and visibility.

  • Vulnerability scanning and health monitoring
  • Extended endpoint protection

Shield Managed Security Services

  • Threat intelligence based on machine learning analysis of thousands of customers’ attack surfaces
  • Security monitoring and threat analysis from Alert Logic certified security experts
  • Real-time alerting, incident verification and remediation guidance from experts available 24/7 with a 15-minute SLA for verified incidents
  • Clear remediation actions and recommendations for each incident
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  • Identify lateral movement, brute force attacks, privilege escalation, ransomware and command and control exploits
  • Collect and analyze network traffic that traverses hosts
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  • Quickly identify indicators of compromise, potential breaches or run incident response forensics
  • Focus on remediating threats quickly, including unauthorized privilege escalations, brute force attempts, malicious user identity and access activities
  • Access log data that has been processed, analyzed and correlated with 4,800+ security parsers
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  • Discover additions, moves and deletions in your environments
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities to be remediated based on threat risk index scoring
  • Get remediation guidance to eliminate exposure
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  • Inline WAF with comprehensive security coverage for OWASP top 10 such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, information lead/disclosure, path traversal, code inspection, input validation and authentication issues
  • Configured and tuned by AppSec experts
  • Auto-scaling support for cloud and hybrid environments
  • Verified testing against a library of 2.1 million web application attacks
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  • Extend your security team with an Alert Logic ActiveWatch Enterprise analyst who knows your environment and the ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Includes support for incident response efforts
  • Weekly meetings to discuss observations and recommendations to improve security posture
  • Quarterly review of service findings
  • Annual on-site planning
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  • INAP PCI DSS and HIPAA solutions help you save time, expend less effort and keep pace with infrastructure, network and data compliance requirements. INAP Cloud and Managed Hosting environments are PCI and SOC certified.
Chat now to schedule a complimentary consultation with a compliance expert.
  • Provide prevention-based architectures that evolve with your business
  • Block known threats and vulnerabilities
  • Automatically identify and protect against zero-day exploits and malware
  • Secure remote connections and digital transactions with built-in functionality for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), SSL and true IPSec capabilities
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  • OS hardening and patching
  • Anti-virus
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Add Managed Security to Any INAP
Cloud Solution

Why INAP Shield Security?

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Every Workload

From the data center down to your applications, Shield Managed Security offers proactive protection and rapid remediation.

Proactive, Hassle-Free Security Support

24/7 Support from INAP’s NOC and Alert Logic’s SOC ensures that when a security incident is escalated, experts are on top of it.

Fully Managed by Experts Who Live and Breathe Cybersecurity

INAP and Alert Logic build and manage the entire service to meet your requirements. Leveraging the best security technology backed by cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts.



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