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Managed Network Services

With INAP’s managed network services, you can offload up-front and recurring tasks to our team of engineers while maintaining an infrastructure environment precisely suited to your availability, performance and budget requirements.

Private network – INAP offers multiple options to create private networks in order to provide secure access to your IT infrastructure. The private network services allow secure access to your servers and INAP’s Infrastructure solutions by creating VPLS (virtual private LAN service) and VPRN (virtual private routed network) over our MPLS network backbone between select company-controlled data centers. INAP also offers managed VPN services that include up to SSL-level encryption and use the public infrastructure such as Internet. INAP’s private network services negate the need for owning or leasing private lines from carriers reducing operational oversight and costs.

Performance DNS services – INAP guarantees its high-availability DNS services will always be available. Any measurable interruption in DNS service will result in a full credit on the entire monthly DNS charge, and unlike any other provider, any interruption in excess of 30 minutes will result in credits against IP services.

Managed Router Service – INAP’s Managed Router Service (MRS) provides a complete router and IP transit solution, which includes installing, monitoring and managing your router. You can use an INAP-supplied Cisco router or your own router with designated minimum requirements. MRS customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all INAP-monitored circuits to allow for peak performance across routers.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – INAP’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network upgrade offers everything from whole-site delivery to live streaming to any device plus robust analytics. Other CDNs serve up content “as is,” which means that the content creator is responsible for providing separate versions for streaming in each video format. At INAP, we do the heavy lifting by creating all the compatible files for each popular device, including iPhone and iPad, as well as streaming formats for Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

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