Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INblue™

Infrastructure management at the intersection of automation and human expertise.

Your infrastructure monitoring strategy is only as good as the actions that follow alerts. See why Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INAP INblue, our easy-to-use infrastructure management platform, raises the bar for bare metal, managed cloud and managed server solutions.


Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INAP INblue™ and VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™, raises the bar for managed cloud and managed server solutions by providing real-time visibility
into the health of your infrastructure and applications.

VMware vRealize Operations Manager Monitors Every Aspect of Your Dedicated Private Cloud

A multi-tenant INAP managed service that provides pre-configured dashboards in INblue to view overall health, host, virtual machines (VMs) and data store utilization.–-in real time. Access VMware vRealize Operations Manager from INblue to create custom groups to monitor applications.

Delivers Proactive Support and Managed Services

Pre-defined alerts notify INAP technicians to act when the VMware hypervisor needs attention. When a monitor threshold triggers, a unique Action Item is created. INAP technicians immediately begin remediation via our proprietary Smart Workflow System.

Gain Transparency and Control

Track INAP’s progress every step of the way. Pre-defined alerts notify you when utilization of virtual machines has reached a threshold and the datastores are experiencing latency. Access VMware vRealize Operations Manager directly from the INblue platform.

Intelligent Monitoring for Dedicate Private Cloud Features

Summary Dashboard

The Summary Dashboard provides the status of your deployment in real time with insight into the workflow of your DPC while it’s provisioned.

Monitor What’s Most Important

The dashboard provides a list of the top 15 virtual machines with the demand patterns over the last 24 hours and identifies hosts that have a history of high demand. The visual display helps you identify the source of the unexpected demand and take appropriate actions.

Quickly Identify Unexpected Demand

The Host Usage dashboard identifies hosts with high CPU or memory load and if you have hosts within the cluster that are not evenly utilized.

Monitor Resource Demands

You can analyze the workload pattern over the past week to identify heavy-hitter VMs that are running a sustained, heavy workload to take appropriate action.

Keep Application Owners Informed

The VM Utilization dashboard displays resource utilization trends for batch jobs, backup schedules and load testing so that application owners can view these trends to ensure the VMs do not consume 100% of the provisioned resources.

Never Run Out of Space

The Datastore dashboard displays the disk use for your Datastore objects in your environment and capacity trends for the selected datastore regarding disk latency, IOPS, throughput, VMs served by the datastore and I/O pattern of the selected VM.

Efficiency You Can See, Anywhere You Are

Intelligent Monitoring redefines managed services transparency with INblue. Get immediate notification on actions requiring your attention and follow progress on open Action Items—all in real time via the INblue desktop site.


Through INblue, INAP’s easy-to-use infrastructure management portal, you can access Intelligent Monitoring for DPC, which harnesses VMware vRealize Operations Manager, providing unparalleled visibility and transparency into the performance of your infrastructure and applications.

INAP follows VMware best practices for the Alerts within INblue. Our proprietary Smart Workflow System immediately notifies you or INAP’s expert technicians for remediation.

Initiate a support request in INblue to add additional team members or to request custom alerts.

Select your DPC Administrator who will receive alert notifications and manages users.

Control who has access to the Intelligent Monitoring service and can view dashboards.

Create and share real-time custom dashboards of changes with different metrics for date and time comparisons within VMware vRealize Operations Manager.

Create custom groups to monitor application performance to align with business outcomes.

Leverage the pre-defined reports or create your own custom reports.

Perform “What-If” scenarios and visualize allocation-based analytics, capacity remaining and virtual machines remaining for simplified capacity management.