Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INblue™

Infrastructure management at the intersection of automation and human expertise.

Your infrastructure monitoring strategy is only as good as the actions that follow alerts. See why Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INAP INblue, our easy-to-use infrastructure management platform, raises the bar for bare metal, managed cloud and managed server solutions.

How Intelligent Monitoring For Bare Metal Works

Monitors Every Aspect of Your Server

A lightweight and secure agent tracks virtually every aspect of your server environment–-hardware, resources, services, patches, ports, logs, etc.–-in real time.

Delivers Proactive Support & Managed Services

When a monitor threshold triggers, a unique Action Item is created. INAP technicians immediately begin remediation via our proprietary Smart Workflow System.

Gets Transparency & Control

Track progress every step of the way via the INblue platform and take control with advanced tools like patch management and remote execution.

Intelligent Monitoring For Bare Metal Features

Monitor What’s Most Important

Built from the ground up with leading technologies like SaltStack and Elastic Beats, the Intelligent Monitoring agent tracks everything from server resource usage to Apache and MySQL connections. You have full access to all monitoring metrics and may request custom alert triggers.

Efficiency You Can See, Anywhere You Are

Intelligent Monitoring redefines managed services transparency. Follow progress on open Action Items, view key metrics and log data, and chat with dedicated technicians—all in real time via the INAP INblue desktop site or mobile application. Our experienced technicians remediate issues via our proprietary Smart Workflow System, which enables fast and accurate resolutions. See how it works and sign up for a live demo

No Need to Call Us. We’ll Ping You.

Set up custom Action Items for critical URLs and port status on any server. You can also choose which services and process status changes create Action Items, as well as start, stop and restart services direct from the INAP INblue platform.

See Everything. Never Miss an Update.

Radically simplify two of multicloud management’s most tedious activities: log and patch management. No more manual installs. No more SSH commands for each and every server. Intelligent Monitoring provides unified log management and seamless automated patching for your entire environment.

At Your Command

Write your own Powershell and Bash scripts and securely execute for any servers. Create an alias, run CPU process reports, kill or start services, show firewall rules, find out when users last logged in—if you can script it, the IN can execute it.

Availability & Plans

What You Get With Intelligent Monitoring For Bare Metal

Choose the Service First Edition for fully managed bare metal hosting plus these features:

Quick 24/7 Support reaction to monitoring alerts tailored to individual server needs.
OS patch tracking, scheduling and execution
Detailed charting of CPU, load and memory and hardware up to 60 days historical data
Real time alerts for key resources and hardware
Dynamic threshold triggers for advanced monitors and services
Notification of user defined key ports and URLs
Automated scheduling and execution for services Custom script storage library
Set keyword triggers with flexible reactions
Support via INAP INblue Smartphone App

Get INAP Managed Bare Metal with Intelligent Monitoring: Service First Edition