Ease of use and a further push toward a completely hybrid world are the hallmarks of a pair of releases put out today, from a couple of big players — Amazon and Internap.

Amazon today announced what it is calling “CloudFormation,” a series of templates that will allow Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to build and deploy a complete virtual private cloud with just a single, JSON-based text file to define the structure. Amazon, in its blog announcing the offering, even goes so far as to use the term “stacks” to describe what you can define in the templates.

This from a company that shunned the term “hybrid” when people were describing the possible outcomes of Amazon’s deal with private-to-public cloud integration company Eucalyptus back in late March.

The other bit of news comes from Internap, which is following up on its Dec. 30, 2011, purchase of Voxel by announcing it will use the VoxSTRUCTURE to allow clients to spin up both cloud and dedicated physical server structures — with equal amounts of speed.

Internap’s SVP of Product Management and Business Development, Paul Carmody, told me that buying Voxel was mainly a technology play to get the VoxSTRUCTURE tech, but that it also gave his firm Voxel’s roughly 1,000 hosting clients. Of particular interest was Voxel’s well established presence in Singapore, giving Internap an instant foothold in the Asian market.

Hold on a sec, you say: Deploy physical dedicated hosted servers as fast as the cloud? How can this be?

Well, as you might imagine, it requires Internap to have a fair amount of hardware already set up and ready to be imaged and deployed using the rapid system in Voxel’s tech. Read more.