2015 will be a pivotal year for the future of network technologies. Industry-wide shifts that previously seemed far away are just around the corner, and demand for higher bandwidth and improved network efficiency will require new approaches from IT networking professionals.

Below are seven predictions that service providers, hardware vendors and IT organizations need to consider in order to stay competitive in the coming year.

1. The 512k routing table problem will strike again
In 2015, many more organizations will experience network instability as millions of legacy routers hit their physical limits. This year, we saw several high-profile websites and networks knocked down due to widely deployed, older routers hitting their default 512k routing table limit. At approximately 500k routes today, and increasing by around 1k routes per week, the growth of the global Internet routing table, which refers to the Internet’s total number of destination networks, shows no signs of slowing.

2. Slow IPv6 migration
What makes additional Internet congestion likely in 2015 is that companies don’t want the headache of fully migrating to IPv6, so they are trying to squeeze as much IPv4 out of the remaining allocations as possible, which is only adding to the inflation of the routing table. This, however, will be incredibly problematic for everyone because it balloons the routing table and brings hardware limitations to the forefront. Some organizations have been aware of these issues, but many companies will be caught off guard in 2015, and smaller enterprises in particular could learn some very painful lessons.

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