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Data Centers

Built with connectivity in mind, our Amsterdam facility provides one of the broadest choices for carriers in the region.

The data center is conveniently located just outside the city of Amsterdam and offers a variety of internet infrastructure services so you can create a blended environment to meet the demands of your websites, applications and more. Advanced environmental control systems deliver the utmost in security and protection for your critical assets, and with recent upgrades you can rest assured your investment resides in one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in Europe. Services include:

Amsterdam Data Center Locations







Amsterdam Data Center Features

Our Amsterdam data center is located near the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and conveniently positioned just outside the city center.

Carrier neutral
Our Amsterdam location is an important hub for connectivity and serves as a major point of network convergence. With a wide choice of network providers and a variety of interconnection options available, our facility is easily one of the most connected facilities in Europe.

INAP Amsterdam offers fully redundant power and cooling systems and features N+1 design, allowing maximum uptime for your IT Infrastructure environment.

Platform flexibility
Our facility in Amsterdam provides a variety of platforms to meet your needs including cloud and dedicated hosting plus Content Delivery Network services and Enterprise IP.

INAP Amsterdam is a high-security facility complete with 24/7 security personnel, 24/7 monitoring, digital CCTV, mantraps and controlled access using key card readers.

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