Virtual Private Cloud

The cloud, at just the right scale for your applications.

INAP Virtual Private Cloud harnesses the potential of the cloud in your own, logically isolated environment—built to scale for the needs of any application. Quick to deploy and easy to manage through our intuitive portal, INAP VPC is an enterprise-class computing environment that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising security.

Why INAP Virtual Private Cloud?

Our Virtual Private Cloud solutions are purposefully engineered to meet
a wide range of applications and business needs.

Engineered scale

We rightsize your environment so you don’t have to pay for the resources you don’t need.

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Expanded capability

Limited internal IT resources? No problem. Your infrastructure is fully managed by INAP. Plus, our cloud management portal makes it simple to monitor and control your resources.

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On-Demand DRaaS

From end to end, INAP can fully build out, manage and support an On-Demand DRaaS environment with VPC.

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Virtual Private Cloud

INAP Virtual Private Cloud is a logically isolated environment deployed on a multitenant platform, providing scale and flexibility without compromising security.

Edge Gateway

VMware NSX™ technology provides perimeter protection for your isolated network within our global public cloud platform, in addition to network services such as DHCP, firewall, NAT, static routing, VPN and load balancing.

Simplify Deploying Enterprise Applications With vApps

Using VMware’s vCloud, group your VMs into virtual appliances for logical segregation or by similar function. Create and restore templates to rapidly deploy your infrastructure.

On-Demand DRaaS

Our VPC platform hosts On-Demand DRaaS, a cost-efficient way to minimize the effects of downtime. Compute resources are pay as you go.


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