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Cloud Storage

INAP's cloud storage is built on OpenStack and ready to scale.

INAP cloud storage offers significant data redundancy and integrity protocols to protect important information. Cloud storage nodes are located in INAP’s high-availability data centers for maximum uptime and security.

Whether you need a secure repository for static files or primary storage for performance-sensitive databases, INAP cloud storage is ideal for data that require dependable and cost-effective storage without the limitations of traditional hierarchical file systems.

Starting From

US $0.10 /GB/mo

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  • Consistent read/write performance Our patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology ensures route-optimized delivery of HTTP-heavy workloads, providing consistent read/write performance.
  • Scalable storage Distributed architecture provides the perfect foundation for multi-petabyte storage workloads with the ability to upload objects up to 5GB in size.
  • Data durability and resiliency Each object is replicated three times and stored physically across different availability devices, along with continuous file integrity checking and automated node-to-node replication.
  • Vendor and technology flexibility Open-source construction and modular design allow straightforward integration with legacy or third-party technologies.

* Monthly Cost based on 730 hours of service. Defined term pricing also available.

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