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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service

In the event of unexpected outages caused by natural disasters, malicious data attacks or other potential reasons, IT organizations need a secure and reliable DR solution. INAP’s AgileDR provides clients with a service to replicate mission-critical systems and workloads to our cloud environment regardless of the location they are currently hosted today. INAP’s cloud-based approach provides a cost-effective and technically efficient strategy that delivers the necessary DR performance at a fraction of the cost to build it yourself.

Our fully managed DR provides a specific disaster recovery plan unique to your business needs. Once in place, our tools and dedicated team proactively monitor and test the recovery solution regularly to ensure that it will meet the specified RTO and RPO if failback becomes necessary.

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  • Fully Managed Oversight INAP dedicates a team of experts to ensure correct delivery, providing change and incident management as necessary.
  • Elastic Cloud-basedMinimize costs by only paying for services when you need them.
  • AutomationReporting and alerting of replication status generated automatically ensuring data is up-to- date.
  • Wide Coverage INAP’s AgileDR works with the most commonly used operating systems and hypervisors as well as commonly used public cloud providers.
  • Bi-Directional Support Allows failover and failback to occur with minimal interruption to business needs.
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