Promotion Rules

INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion and Peloton Promotion

  1. INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion. All agents who have entered into a master agent agreement or similar written agreement with INAP (“INAP Agents”) shall be eligible for the following promotion (the “INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion”): All INAP Agents who during the period beginning April 14, 2021 to September 30, 2021 (the “Promotion Period”) refer to INAP a New Logo (as defined herein) who then purchases at least 12 months of monthly recurring revenue of Cloud or Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Services to be provided in INAP’s data centers (excluding non-recurring revenue fees and fees related to burstable charges) for a twelve (12) month term or longer (each sale that meets these requirements shall be an “Eligible Sale”), shall receive a one-time payment of ONE HUNDRED AND OO/100 ($100.00) USD (the “One-Time SPIFF”). A “New Logo” is defined as (a) a new customer who does not, at the time of the relevant Eligible Sale, purchase INAP services or (b) a previous INAP customer who, at the time of the relevant Eligible Sale, has not purchased INAP services in the last thirty-six (36) months. The One-Time SPIFF shall be paid to the INAP Agent within thirty (30) days after the date INAP receives the first monthly payment for the relevant Eligible Sale from the New Logo.

  2. Peloton Promotion. All INAP Agents who participate in the INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion shall also be eligible for the following promotion (the “Peloton Promotion”): The INAP Agent with the largest sum total of sales of monthly recurring revenue that (a) meets all requirements of an Eligible Sale under the INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion and (b) is no less than THREE THOUSAND AND 00/100 ($3,000.00) USD for all New Logos during the Promotion Period shall win a Peloton Interactive, Inc. indoor bicycle (a “Peloton Bike”) valued at ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE AND 00/100 ($1,895) USD and a 6-month All-Access Membership (as defined by Peloton Interactive, Inc. and required with use of a Peloton Bike”).

  3. Additional Terms and Conditions.

    1. In the event that:
      1. INAP pays a One-Time SPIFF or awards a Peloton Bike to an INAP Agent based upon revenue that is subsequently refunded or credited back to a customer or not otherwise recognized;
      2. a customer disputes any payment of fees related to the services sold as part of the INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Promotion and the Peloton Promotion (together, the “Promotions”); or
      3. if a One-Time SPIFF is paid or a Peloton Bike is awarded to an INAP Agent in error,

        then INAP may, within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of payment or award, in INAP’s sole discretion either: (x) deduct or withhold the amount of a One-Time SPIFF or Peloton Bike, otherwise payable or awardable to an INAP Agent or (y) require INAP Agent to repay such One-Time SPIFF or amount equal to Peloton Bike to INAP.
    2. INAP has sole discretion to interpret the rules of the Promotions. Other terms and conditions may apply. The Promotions cannot be combined with any other existing promotions. INAP may suspend the Promotions at any time.