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Data Centers

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Best practices, technologies and trends in the multi-tenant data center environment (colocation)

When Good Clouds Go Bad When Good Clouds Go Bad

Downtime happens. Recently (February 28th, 2017), the largest cloud provider in the galaxy and possibly the universe—we’re unsure how far alien technologies have progressed—suffered a huge...

Data Center Migration Data Center Migration

While CFOs dream that a data center relocation (physical not logical) will save money, these projects often translate into an IT team’s nightmare. It is easy to understand why; an IT department’s...

What is a sustainability consultant? What is a sustainability consultant?

Sustainability consultants develop and implement energy-efficient strategies to help reduce a company’s overall carbon footprint. But designing environmentally sustainable solutions isn’t...

What are modular data centers? What are modular data centers?

Modular data centers seem to be a hot topic these days, but to a large degree, much of the discussion is “modular-washing”. As a result, the importance of modularity, like the equally important...

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