Apr 27, 2012 | Reading time: 1 Minute

Why does the IT director cross the street?

Laura Vietmeyer, Managing Editor

Why does the IT director cross the street?I don’t know about you, but when my sweet tooth hits, I need a cookie…stat!  Which really got me thinking, are today’s consumers — who want things better, faster and cheaper — having a technology sweet tooth, in need of immediate satisfaction? Just viewing trends in consumer behavior over the last few years — it certainly seems to be the case. But as technology professionals — what can we do to satisfy their cravings? In the age of the cloud, it’s a game of time…provisioning time.  With new products, sites and services coming online every day — you don’t have time to waste when releasing your latest innovation. It used to be that provisioning a server was a long, laborious (not to mention expensive) process, but with today’s on-demand hosting platforms and self-service technologies you can mix and match physical servers and cloud instances, which can be provisioned in just minutes. Talk about satisfying a craving!

So…you’re probably wondering, why does the IT director cross the street? To get a cookie of course.

Want to know what can help satisfy your technology sweet tooth — just check out how we can provision servers in minutes instead of hours… and remember: Coders get hungry </too>!

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