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How do you plan for your future IT needs?

INAP, Editor

How do you plan for your future IT needs? Applications can grow at exponential speeds and sometimes your IT Infrastructure just isn’t up to the task. But deciding which platform can manage your growing computing needs best isn’t always an easy pick either. Our webinar last week, “Is Your IT Infrastructure Future-Proof?” gave attendees use cases for multiple IT platforms, including colocation, hosting, cloud and hybrid.  During the webinar, attendees were asked about where their current workloads reside today, as well as where they plan to deploy them in 2012. Check out the poll results below:

Where do most of your workloads reside today?

  • Colocation: 22%
  • Dedicated Hosting: 19%
  • Managed Hosting: 8%
  • Cloud: 14%
  • Mostly still in-house: 38%

Where do you plan to move your workloads to in 2012?

  • Colocation: 15%
  • Dedicated Hosting: 5%
  • Managed Hosting: 15%
  • Cloud: 33%
  • Keeping things where they are or in-house: 33%

What about you? Where do your workloads reside and what are your plans for 2012?

Does your IT roadmap feel more like a jigsaw puzzle than a strategic plan? View the webinar instant replay now to learn which IT Infrastructure solutions are right for you.

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