The Cloud Puts Disaster Recovery in Reach

Emergency Options for IT Infrastructure

If recent news has taught us anything, it’s that recovering from a disaster is a grueling process. News outlets all over the world have been showing images of unprecedented floods in Houston, Florida, the Caribbean and southern Asia. It’s tempting to focus on the desolation of such powerful storms, but most viewers are drawn instead to those who pitched tents on rooves or the volunteers who dedicated time and resources to helping relative strangers.

Thankfully, INAP’s Houston facility was spared the devastation that many others in the area faced. As natural disasters like wildfires and monsoons threaten power systems across the world and the outbreak of ransomware continues to increase in scope, business owners are looking for ways to backup critical files and provide alternate access to online resources. Unlike people and personal property, physically evacuating IT infrastructure isn’t feasible. The alternatives can be complex and expensive, however, as Cloud technology advances, there are fewer and fewer reasons to put off setting up a disaster recovery plan for your business.

AgileDR’s Cloud-Based Approach

The first thing to consider in setting up a DR plan is geographic disparity. For example, INAP has multiple locations around the world to help clients avoid unexpected outages. If, for example, your company is in New England, you may want to have some services out of our geographically proximate Boston location, but you may also want to invest in the Seattle or Dallas locations for additional safeguard in case of a major local event. But this geographic dispersion is not the only way that INAP helps its clients avoid disaster.

In working with companies to build DR plans, the cost to replicate like-for-like infrastructure in a DR location has typically been cost-prohibitive, exceeding operational budgets. As a result, many companies were forced to shelve the plans and “hope for the best.” This prompted us at INAP to build our new AgileDR – a better solution that takes advantage of technology and infrastructure we already have.

Along with some of the best-of-breed disaster recovery and replication products, AgileDR leverages INAP’s public AgileCLOUD and bare-metal AgileSERVER. These cloud-based services provide clients with options on how to replicate and backup data based on how, at what point and how fast you want to failover to the new site. No longer do you need to mimic your production environment like-for-like. We’ve designed a system where customers can replicate data in “near-time” and spin up servers only when necessary.

This is the important part here: with AgileDR, we can replicate all your data to a fully functional remote site, and you only have pay for the storage and servers required to do the replication. When you have a DR event, or when you want to test your DR plan, we have a pool of reserve servers standing by that can be programmatically spun up.


A Fully Managed Difference

INAP understands that planning for a disaster recovery consumes a lot of time and resources, so we do the heavy-lifting to keep clients from finding themselves stranded on a rooftop waiting on a rescue. Together we will custom-design a disaster recovery plan for you to fill any gap your internal IT might have in time or experience. In addition to the blueprints for your recovery plan, if you desire it, we offer a fully-managed solution with proactive and continuous monitoring, testing and reporting. This ensures that as your environment changes over time, your recovery plan is still relevant to your needs and functioning correctly. Once this plan is in place, you can rest easy knowing that in a future catastrophe, your business won’t depend on a human chain to be rescued from flash flooding, and instead will be sleeping peacefully far from the danger area.

As you look at the efforts around the world to recover homes and property from all manner of devastation, one thing is certain: preparing ahead of time will save time and money in the future if disaster strikes.

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