INAP In the News: Mary Jane Horne Speaks at 5G Roundtable at CAPRE’s Mid-Atlantic Data Center Conference

Mary Jane Horne, Senior Vice President, Global Network Services, shared insights on 5G’s role in INAP’s network at CAPRE’s seventh annual Mid-Atlantic Data Center conference in September. The session, entitled, “5G Industry Rollout and Edge Infrastructure Investment: What is the Impact Year to Date?” brought together industry leaders to discuss the journey to 5G.

Horne noted that 5G is another tool in her toolkit to get users the high connectivity and low latency they require:

“The way that you handle the IP, reducing latency that’s going to get out to those providers, is where we’re focused right now. It’s about getting that best experience. We all think we’re going to have that [great] 5G experience, but it’s only as good as my backhaul.”

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