INAP In the News: Jennifer Curry Discusses Cloud Gaming Infrastructure in WIRED

A new article from WIRED delves into the world of cloud-based gaming and the infrastructure needs that will drive the success of this gaming model. INAP’s Jennifer Curry, senior vice president of product and technology, weighed in on the role of lag and latency in whether a game is a success or not.

“If you’re playing God of War in Egypt, but your cloud gaming service’s closest data center is in Qatar, there might be enough delay between your inputs and Kratos’ movements to emotionally disconnect you from gameplay. In the US, sending an ax-slash signal from the East Coast to the West Coast takes 40 to 60 milliseconds; enough time for frustration to creep in. To give as many people as possible the best latency possible, you need to own or rent space from a lot of well-located data centers. ‘The slightest increase in latency, lag, or jitter can send early adopters away from these new platforms and back to their consoles and PCs,’ says Jennifer Curry, the senior vice president of product and technology at data center colocation company INAP. ‘Just 20 to 30 additional milliseconds can be the difference between a top-tier service and an unviable service.’”

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