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Hi-Rez Studios

Industry: Gaming

Solution: INAP Bare Metal, INAP Performance IP, Managed Hosting, CDN

Hi-Rez Studios Provides Seamless Gaming Experiences with INAP Bare Metal, Managed Hosting, CDN and Performance IP® Solutions

Business Challenge

Hi-Rez Studios, a leader in the free-to-play, games-as-a-service industry, deploys its software to users all over the world. The company’s massively popular titles—which include the multiplayer online battle arena game SMITE and the objective-based team first-person shooter Paladins—have been played by more than 70 million people worldwide. Users play these games 24/7, meaning the company can’t afford any downtime. It must also ensure a low-latency environment. The gaming experience must be seamless, or users will move on to other titles.


Since 2008, Hi-Rez has powered its games via a suite of INAP high-performance infrastructure and network solutions: INAP Bare Metal, INAP CDN, custom managed hosting and the patented, latency-busting network optimization technology, Performance IP®. Today, 100 percent of Hi-Rez’s ever-increasing gaming traffic is routed through INAP data centers.

Bare Metal is the infrastructure of choice for workloads and applications that demand reliable, always-on performance, like Hi-Rez’s complex gaming architecture. To support new game launches and the global popularity of its titles, Hi-Rez scales its environment in Tier 3-type INAP data centers, with Bare Metal in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Santa Clara, Dallas and New Jersey, and managed storage in Atlanta.

INAP’s Performance IP service maximizes Hi-Rez’s network potential by leveraging our robust global network and proprietary route optimization engine, resulting in ultra-low latency. Hi-Rez and its gamers also enjoy minimal ping, jitter and packet loss thanks to Performance IP’s enhancement of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Performance IP automatically assesses performance-degrading network issues to create an optimal gaming experience.


      • Scalable, high-performance global architecture.
      • 33% increase in efficiency over virtualized infrastructure environment.
      • 99.999% network uptime.
      • Ultra-low latency with Performance IP, which makes millions of route optimizations per hour worldwide.
      • Redundant and highly available global infrastructure solution.

We have players that compete for literally millions of dollars of prizing, and INAP delivers the performance required for that type of highly competitive environment.

Stew Chisam


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