best Internet route optimizationBusinesses that rely on an unwavering online presence understand the importance of network performance. Even small amounts of downtime or service degradations can have an immediate impact on revenue and customer loyalty. Some organizations use multi-homing to improve performance, reduce risks and manage costs, but maintaining a multi-homed network can be a tedious manual process.

At Internap, we’ve specialized in reliable, high availability network infrastructure for nearly two decades. We have more than 15 patents related to route optimization and performance networking.

Optimize your multi-homed network

The most recent advancement in our route-optimized IP service is Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) Controller. Designed to improve performance and control costs, MIRO Controller is an on-premise intelligent route optimization appliance for multi-homed networks that enhances and automates BGP.

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We know there are many options available on the market, but here are a few reasons we think MIRO Controller is the best Internet route optimization solution.

Performance: Route optimization every 90 seconds

Two seconds of delay in website performance means 4% fewer customer conversions, according to the Aberdeen Group report, “Optimizing the Performance of Web Applications”. Mitigating risks that could result in performance degradations requires continuous network monitoring, probing and adjusting.

So why do some intelligent route control platforms only optimize routes every four hours? This leaves your network vulnerable to congestion, packet loss and even outages for an unacceptable length of time.

A lot can happen in four hours, so we designed MIRO Controller to probe and optimize all traffic every 90 seconds. This means routes are not only being monitored and probed, they are actually being moved to the most efficient path every 90 seconds. As a result, MIRO Controller allows you to ensure the best network performance and proactively manage IP network issues before they impact productivity and revenue. Optimizing routes in four-hour increments simply can’t provide the same degree of risk mitigation and business continuity.

Scalability: Up to 1 million path adjustments per hour

Because MIRO Controller optimizes all active routes every 90 seconds, it can make up to 1 million path adjustments per hour. The ability to optimize such a high number of routes at the same time provides greater scalability for your multi-homed network, no matter how many individual carriers and routes MIRO Controller is managing.

In addition, other route control solutions rely on capture ports, which have a maximum number of packets that can be captured and processed per minute. MIRO Controller uses flow data to calculate the amount of traffic per prefix (to each destination). Instead of analyzing all traffic sent through the edge routers, we calculate the amount of traffic based on flow samples. As a result, the bandwidth in your network can increase without really impacting the MIRO Controller performance.

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User management & compatibility

Some route optimization appliances are not fully compatible with user management and authentication standards.

For example, some solutions available today only support one method of remote authentication, which can be a problem for companies that require devices to be compliant with a certain authentication method. MIRO Controller offers industry-standard authentication to streamline InfoSec user management, and it can be configured to use LDAP, TACACS or RADIUS for remote authenticating users.

Some route optimization providers encourage vendor lock-in by designing their software to only work with routers of the same brand name. MIRO Controller supports popular network flows for seamless integration with major router providers, and it works with any routing platform that supports BGP Additional Path (add-path) as described in RFC 6774.

Ultimately, MIRO Controller is designed to provide better performance and more flexibility than other comparable route-optimization appliances. By automatically routing traffic based on performance metrics, cost considerations or a combination of both, you can achieve superior performance and cost efficiency for your multi-homed network.

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