We’re excited to announce general availability of Internap’s Next-Generation AgileCLOUD powered by OpenStack.

AgileCLOUD is our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, providing hybridized infrastructure from dedicated servers, bare-metal cloud and virtual instances.

By introducing OpenStack into the platform, we’re providing a more interoperable service that ultimately is more cost-effective, more scalable, provides better performance and is all built atop Internap’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO).

The OpenStack advantage
By using the OpenStack API, it makes it much easier for our customers to move applications into the Next-Generation AgileCLOUD and get the benefits that are not available from other OpenStack clouds.

Our Next-Generation AgileCLOUD has native hybridization, allowing you to use OpenStack to provision new virtual machines, but still have them in the same networking environment with other hosting platforms. This gives our customers full interoperability across the platform, allowing you to choose the right application environment for your workload.

In addition to native hybridization, common to all of the Agile product offerings, our new Next-Generation AgileCLOUD can also be hybridized with other types of hosting platforms such as managed hosting or even colocation. You can leverage the virtualization layer for your elastic and bursty workloads, while still having your core infrastructure in a hosting environment or colocation. By hybridizing across different platforms, you’re able to optimize each application’s environment so you can be more cost efficient and ensure the performance you’re looking for.

Next-Generation AgileCLOUD customers now have the choice of both local ephemeral storage and persistent storage, all backed by SSDs for high performance. The persistent storage has QoS or Quality of Service controls to ensure consistent high performance, ensuring that noisy neighbors don’t affect your storage I/O.

In addition to our MIRO technology, we also include Universal Transfer and integration with Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), allowing you to mix and match your bandwidth across a multitude of different services.

Learn more about Internap’s Next-Generation AgileCLOUD powered by OpenStack.