Scalability in a cloud model is actually a two-way street. You want to be able to scale up and scale down depending on your workload needs, the application or the seasonality of your use case – there could be a variety of reasons for scalability. A bare-metal cloud enables all of these things with the benefit of having the full compute power of the server available and dedicated to you.

Bare metal offers several ways to scale your infrastructure. You can add more servers or spin down servers depending on your scalability needs. You can even easily add more memory to the physical servers to get the memory performance you need. This type of scaling can also provide more storage and better I/O performance.

The important thing about bare-metal servers and the cloud model on top of it is that you can make all these changes without having to commit massive capital up front, and avoid getting locked in to one particular type of solution. This flexibility and automation is a core benefit of cloud computing.

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