In our previous video, we discussed what bare-metal cloud means and why it’s important. Performance is a big factor, but there’s more to it than better compute and processing power.

The bigger performance gain comes from the fact that this whole server resource is available to you and your workload and your application – nobody else is sharing this physical resource with you.

In a virtual cloud environment, because the compute instances are carved out into multiple virtual instances, and multiple “tenants” or users are put on that physical machine with all those virtual instances, you run into the problem of oversubscription and noisy neighbors.

With a bare-metal cloud, you have the whole plate of food for yourself. You can best optimize that dedicated resource for your use case and your workload, and therefore drive much better performance than virtual cloud instances.

To learn more, download our white paper, Stop paying the cloud performance tax: Go beyond virtualization with bare-metal cloud.