The MIRO advantageLike many employees in this burgeoning IT services industry, my background isn’t in technology. But when I joined Internap, I was confident in my ability to learn quickly and rise to new challenges.

Before my interview with Internap, I did my research and stumbled upon numerous articles praising this so called “MIRO” technology (I later found out this rhymes with HERO), Internap’s proprietary IP service. What in the world is this, I thought. I assumed there were only a couple of internet connections…like dial-up, when I used to pick up the phone and knock my Dad offline and get sworn at, and the high-speed type that kids these days don’t realize the world was ever without.

Boy, was I wrong. So get this—MIRO isn’t an actual internet connection, but it proactively finds the fastest way to get to your “internet destination” over numerous carriers. How crazy is that? That’s like a race between a 4×100 Olympic dream team (let’s go Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Jesse Owens and of course Usain Bolt) vs. me after Thanksgiving dinner. The technology actually allows MIRO to hand off your traffic to the fastest route possible over numerous active carriers. Seriously! How crazy is that?

Apparently back in the old days, servers would see the shortest number of “hops” between destinations and try to go that route. What Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) does is calculate latency (the time delay waiting for data to pass, for those newbs out there), and select the shortest route. All the time. Who cares how many stops? It’s about time, right?

Once I understood this I honestly said out loud: “Wait, is this fair?!”

What I thought of was financial transactions, including mobile payments. Then online gaming. And then bidding on online auctions. Then my mind really started to race. In today’s tech world, how much of an insane advantage is it to always have the fastest route to wherever you’re going? The applications are endless.

Crazy, but it’s true. It’s a patented technology that only Internap has, and I have to say working for a company that creates pretty amazing things like this makes me thankful I decided to take on this challenge.