Worldnow is a digital media company that provides industry-leading online publishing and revenue solutions for local news organizations. Over one sixth of the US’s population gets their news through the Worldnow platform.

Watch Clinton Henry, Senior Director, Datacenter Infrastructure and Security at Worldnow discuss his first grand prix experience and how Internap’s managed services have benefitted their organization.

Worldnow leverages Internap’s managed services through their disaster recovery site in Dallas. In the past, CIOs mainly focused on CAPEX, but by leveraging hybrid deployments, Worldnow is able to also focus on OPEX. With fewer engineers required to handle day-to-day server operations, they can take on quality assurance, architect roles or other positions as needed. This gives the engineers flexibility to work on business-critical projects instead of rebooting servers at 4am.

Internap’s managed services also allow Worldnow to save money on professional services, because full-time employees can be used for special projects as opposed to bringing in contractors at an additional expense.