Beyond the Cloud Hype: Leveraging Hybridization

Learn how IT organizations can mix and match environments to address unique application requirements.

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Beyond the Cloud Hype: Leveraging Hybridization

The hype around hybridization has been steadily growing in the IT industry, yet many IT professionals still don’t have a clear understanding of the concept or its benefits.

Though many limit the concept to hybrid clouds (a combination of two or more types of cloud deployment models), hybridization extends beyond cloud and includes all of the various types of hosting environments.

Whether or not the hosting environment involves on-premise, off-premise, colocation, third-party managed or dedicated hosting services or within a private or public IaaS, what really matters is the ability for an IT organization to mix and match environments to easily address a given application requirement.

In this webinar, we’ll cut through the clutter to clearly define hybridization, explain how it can benefit your organization and illustrate how Distil Networks leverages a hybrid infrastructure.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What a “true” hybrid environment is with examples of specific use cases
  • How hybridization can help improve application performance, lower costs, and save time
  • How Distil Networks, the leader in bot protection, leverages a hybrid infrastructure to meet their application needs at a global scale