OpenStack Horizon Overview

Watch an overview of the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, available through Internap’s AgileCLOUD.

Internap is excited to announce the immediate availability of the OpenStack Horizon Dashboard for AgileCLOUD. This dashboard allows access to OpenStack features previously available only through the API. OpenStack power users will appreciate the ease of use and flexibility of the Horizon Dashboard.

Need to provision bare metal on OpenStack? Watch the demo here.

Let’s learn about some of the features we’ll be offering.

Upon logging in, the Horizon Dashboard provides immediate visibility into your cloud infrastructure usage. Some of the metrics include the number of instances running, how much CPU and RAM is being consumed, as well as the number of security groups in use. Security groups provide additional Layer 3 and Layer 4 network firewall protection to predefined server roles based on your application requirements. This complements the public and private VLANs already provided for Layer 2 network isolation.

If your organization uses SSH key management to provide access to infrastructure, you can launch instances with SSH keys to provide immediate access to server instances to authorized users and developers.

Using the volume management screen, you can create persistent root and storage volumes to attach to instances to meet your data requirements.

If you’re a customer of Internap, and you’d like to try out the Horizon Dashboard, log into your AgileCLOUD portal and go to the cloud management screen. You’ll find the information there for you.

Watch an extended demo to learn more about the Horizon dashboard and AgileCLOUD, or sign up here to get started.