Five Key Considerations for Online Gaming Infrastructure

When new games are released into the market, the success of the launch often hinges on the gaming infrastructure you choose. A high number of new users during a global launch can create latency issues for gamers, which can result in abandonment of play.

In this video, we discuss five key elements that game developers and publishers need to consider when launching a new online game.

Speed-to-market – Public cloud and dedicated servers offer ideal solutions for studios that need to quickly spin up computing resources for development, testing, beta and launch cycles.

Availability – Online game publishers who choose to build out their infrastructure with resiliency or high availability in mind are more likely to ensure a positive gaming experience.

Latency – Do you know how sensitive your game is to latency? Identifying the threshold is the first step to determining which infrastructure solution will be right for you.

Scalability – Will your newly launched game be able to handle a sudden influx of players? The prevalent shift from a subscription model to free-to-play has resulted in an increased need for data center services for online gaming companies.

Infrastructure costs – On-demand and cloud infrastructure platforms can help startup studios minimize initial investments for new games and development projects.

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