Vermont Teddy Bear Creates Superior Online Shopping

Business Challenge

As an online retailer, Vermont Teddy Bear’s business is greatly affected by network traffic. Since 80% of their products are sold online, the company required a provider that could help them reliably deliver content to shoppers, and handle traffic spikes as high as 700%. With erratic traffic growth several times per year, particularly during holidays, Vermont Teddy Bear needed a reliable, cost-effective solution that could scale up during these busy periods and scale back down with minimal cost and oversight. The company also wanted to optimize performance and availability of online storefronts and ensure a high-quality shopping experience for customers, whether they are using PCs, tablets or mobile phones.


Vermont Teddy Bear uses Internap’s colocation services, as well as route-optimized Performance IP™ and global Content Delivery Network (CDN).


  • Handled 700% spike in traffic with no downtime
  • Supported holiday rush with little effort on the part of internal IT staff
  • Streamed video content flawlessly

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