Reduce Data Center Failure with Concurrent Maintainability

Concurrent maintainability basically means that any component of data center infrastructure – whether electrical, mechanical or otherwise – can fail or be intentionally shut down without creating a disruption for customers.

Our data centers are designed to have multiples of everything – for example, we have a backup UPS, a backup generator and an additional CRAC unit. Everything has a backup, so if maintenance is required or if a component should fail, there is a backup ready to take its place.

Concurrent maintainability eliminates single points of failure.

With two systems that operate independently, concurrent maintainability also eliminates single points of failure so that the backups can take over regardless of where the fault lies. The system is designed so that power or cooling to critical equipment is never interrupted, as opposed to bypassing the failed components and exposing the equipment to unconditioned air or power.

Having multiples of everything is almost like having the assurance of a secondary site for your location.

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