Outbrain Drives Content Discovery and Engagement

Business Challenge

Outbrain requires high availability colocation services that are agile enough to support a globally distributed application. The company uses a continuous deployment process, where around 100 changes per day are pushed to their production environment, including code and configuration changes. Outbrain requires an always-on, reliable infrastructure to ensure high quality service to end users.


Outbrain uses colocation and Performance IPTM service from Internap’s NY metro data center in Secaucus, N.J. High-density power and low latency allow Outbrain to get the most value from their colocation footprint while also providing a highly available solution for their customers and partners.


  • Outbrain serves more than 72,000 links to content every second
  • Reduced latency improves end-user experience
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Scalable power allows Outbrain to expand footprint without having to invest in more space
  • Flexible infrastructure supports distributed application at scale and continuous deployment methodology

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