Next-Gen Colocation Drives Operational Efficiencies

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Next-Gen Colocation Drives Operational Efficiencies

How high power density, remote management and hybridized infrastructure are changing the landscape.

Colocation traditionally has meant standardized space for servers with provided power, cooling and network connections. Today, the IT landscape has drastically changed, and the colocation options have upgraded accordingly. Emerging colocation services now enable businesses to connect internal, cloud and colocation services into a seamless configuration. Understanding new data center developments and how they can help you better serve your end users and drive operational efficiencies is an essential step in identifying the right colocation provider.

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  • What is driving the changes in colocation?
  • What design elements should your organization look for in a data center?
  • How do the colocation advancements improve business processes?
  • What are the use cases for next-generation colocation?