Neovise Hybrid Solution Assessment

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Neovise Hybrid Solution Assessment

Hybrid Cloud Computing from Internap

Neovise Solution Assessment
As more organizations seek the advantages of cloud computing, they are realizing a need for different types of cloud infrastructures to serve the varied needs of their applications. For example, most applications work well in virtualized environments. Yet some – including relational databases – need the full performance afforded by physical infrastructure.

Research performed by Neovise in 2013 provides evidence of this multi-cloud trend, showing that 74% of IT organizations that use infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have implemented more than one type of cloud. These may include public clouds, on/off-premises private clouds, hybrid clouds and other variations.

Unfortunately, most cloud service providers offer just a single type of cloud, forcing customers to work with several cloud service providers in order to address all their application requirements. Making matters worse, these disparate cloud environments typically lack architectural and API compatibility, geographic proximity and even adequate interconnectivity options, preventing them from serving as hybrid clouds.

This Neovise Solution Assessment explains how hosting and cloud services from Internap overcome these challenges and allow customers to pick and choose exactly what they need for each of their unique workloads.