Data Center Disaster Preparedness: The Right People – Part 6

In this episode of our Data Center Disaster Preparedness series, we’ll focus on the importance of having the right people in place.

The skills and experience of the data center personnel, including the leadership, are important factors to consider when evaluating colocation providers. Does the leadership have a background in facilities? Do they have a deep understanding of the equipment infrastructure of the site? In the event of an emergency, the staff on-site and in the Network Operations Center (NOC) will be your first point of contact.

Internap maintains a robust training and certification program to help our staff update their skills regularly and stay on top of new technology trends. With knowledgeable resources and experienced leadership, our data center facilities are well-prepared to handle unexpected failures or outages, while making sure these events do not disrupt business continuity.

In this six-part video series, you’ll learn about several factors that should be present to minimize the risk of business disruption, including:

  1. Infrastructure design
  2. Documented response plans
  3. Mock disaster drills
  4. Preventative maintenance
  5. Clear communications
  6. The right people