Processing billions of objects with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) require a high performance database and a hosting platform with serious processing power, and highly consistent disk and network I/O. Internap and Aerospike have teamed up to offer the performance and reliability of Internap’s bare-metal servers with Aerospike’s distributed, in-memory NoSQL database to significantly improve transactional efficiency in delivering your real-time data.

Deployable in a range of configurations, the Internap-Aerospike solution provides faster processing, RAM and disk access and improved network throughput with up to 3 times more transactions per second (TPS) and 50% less latency compared with virtual public cloud*.

Read the Internap Case Study on how eXelate accelerated its global data delivery and real-time application deployment using Internap’s bare-metal servers and Aerospike NoSQL database.

For qualified customers, Internap and Aerospike are offering free trial of bare-metal servers for a two-node installation of Aerospike 3 Community Edition.

*Based on Cloud Spectator study conducted in June 2014 comparing Internap bare-metal servers to virtual public cloud