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Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM Controller FAQs

What is MIRO Controller?

MIRO Controller is an intelligent route optimization appliance for multi-homed networks that enhances BGP by evaluating path characteristics such as latency, packet loss, traffic and route stability.

What’s in the box?

The MIRO Controller appliance comes with two NEMA 5-15 to C13 power cords and a set of mounting rails suitable for 4-post cabinet and 2-post rack (center mount) installations.

What are the hardware specs?

The MIRO Controller appliance is designed to fit in one rack space unit. The dimensions are as follows: H: 42.8 mm (1.68 in.) x W: 482.3 mm (18.98 in.) x D: 700.5 mm (27.57 in.). For additional requirements, view the data sheet.

What is the router compatibility?

MIRO Controller works with any routing platform that supports BGP Additional Path (add-path) as described in RFC 6774. Some of the platforms used with MIRO Controller include Cisco ASR1000 and ASR9000 series, Juniper MX series.

What network protocols are supported?

MIRO Controller works with NetFlow v1/v5/v7/v8/v9, sFlow v2/v4/v5 and IPFIX. It also supports IPv4 and IPv6, BGP version 4 and SNMP versions 1, 2c.

What is the installation process?

The MIRO Controller appliance can be self-installed, or choose on-site or phone installation by an Internap engineer.

Does MIRO Controller support IPv6?

Yes, MIRO Controller supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Does MIRO Controller support LDAP, RADIUS or TACACS?

Yes, it supports all three.

Is MIRO Controller a single point of failure?

In the event that the MIRO Controller appliance fails, BGP will time out, and any routes announced by MIRO Controller will be withdrawn, effectively reverting back to natural BGP.

How does MIRO Controller select which networks to optimize?

MIRO Controller identifies targets based on active prefixes and traffic levels, which is more scalable and efficient than probing the full BGP table. The number of probe targets will increase as the number of active networks increases, but MIRO Controller can optimize the full BGP table.

How does MIRO Controller connect to edge routers?

MIRO Controller uses BGP sessions to connect to your edge routers.

What changes need to be made to my routers for MIRO Controller to work?

You will need to configure BGP sessions and GRE tunnels. One tunnel is required for each circuit.

Can MIRO Controller optimize peering traffic?

Yes, MIRO Controller can optimize traffic on your peering networks.

Can MIRO Controller optimize routes across multiple locations?

If the network POPS are located in close proximity to each other, it may be possible for one MIRO Controller appliance to optimize routes across multiple locations. More than one MIRO Controller appliance will be required for locations that are geographically far apart.

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