Internap reduced HVAC power consumption by 40 percent by using outside air to cool IT equipment inside its Seattle-area data center.

Seattle may occasionally be associated with dreary weather, but it’s also known for its thriving tech industry and its forward-thinking efforts to cut carbon emissions, including a recent pledge to become North America’s first carbon-neutral city.

We kept both of these characteristics in mind as we planned the design and buildout of our Seattle-area data center in the Sabey Campus of the high-tech Intergate East community.
One of the main design elements that distinguishes our Sabey facility is its use of an abundant resource offered by Seattle’s cloudy days — cool outdoor air — to maintain ideal temperatures for the IT equipment and systems inside. The incentive to use this type of natural energy-saving method is enormous: According to the New York Times, data centers worldwide consume roughly the same power created by 30 nuclear plants. Read more.