Internap Cloud Infrastructure Combined With SolidFire’s All-Flash Storage System — Both Powered by OpenStack — Offers Customers Guaranteed QoS, Tunable Performance and Interoperability

BOULDER, CO–(Marketwired – Dec 5, 2013) – SolidFire, the leader in all-flash storage systems designed for next generation data centers, today announced that it is powering Internap Network Services Corporation’s (NASDAQ: INAP) new cloud block storage offering, which delivers guaranteed high levels of storage and application performance. Internap leverages SolidFire’s deep integration with OpenStack to deliver finely tunable and guaranteed QoS that solves the traditional performance challenges associated with shared public cloud storage. With this launch, SolidFire is now the foundation for Internap’s block storage as a service.

Internap’s new block storage offering is integrated into the next generation of its public cloud service, AgileCLOUD, which entered beta availability in November 2013 and is based on OpenStack. Designed for large-scale use cases, AgileCLOUD is the first cloud platform that will fully expose both virtualized and bare-metal compute instances over a native OpenStack API. As a result, customers will be able to easily provision and manage thousands of virtual or bare-metal cloud instances via the Internap customer portal or programmatically via API to best fit their application and use case requirements.

“Our customers in performance-reliant industries, such as ad tech, big data, and mobile, among others, are asking for more control and higher levels of guaranteed performance for their applications hosted on our cloud platform. In the past, shared storage has been the performance bottleneck, but SolidFire’s all-flash architecture and performance benefits allow us to deliver the characteristics of dedicated storage on a shared cloud storage system,” says Gopala Tumuluri, vice president of hosting and cloud services, Internap.

Internap’s AgileCLOUD offers the complete OpenStack API to enterprise customers including the ability to manage fine-grained QoS and IOPS on the SolidFire storage system. SolidFire’s all-SSD platform allows Internap to guarantee performance and API control to thousands of customers within its shared infrastructure. “With its ability to manage performance and capacity independently, SolidFire gives us an edge in providing our customers with greater control, flexibility and performance,” added Tumuluri.

Key advantages of Internap’s cloud block storage include:

  • Guaranteed QoS – All-SSD platform and sophisticated provisioning technology provide guaranteed bandwidth and IOPS for every volume.
  • Separated IOPS/Capacity Scaling – Allocable IOPS or capacity allow for dynamically tunable block storage to meet specific needs of the application without purchasing unneeded storage space.
  • 100 percent SLA for both availability and performance.

SolidFire’s all-flash storage architecture is appealing to global hosting service providers as the technology can scale out to over 3.5 PB and 7.5 million predictable IOPS. Additionally, SolidFire’s native ability to manage performance and capacity independently allows greater control and flexibility for providers’ services. With SolidFire, providers can offer a broad range of storage services with guaranteed performance all from a single platform, delivering a predictable application experience above and beyond legacy storage technologies commonly offered today.

“As Internap’s SSD storage solution provider, SolidFire is the secret weapon that will help Internap deliver next-generation cloud services to its customers, ranging from startups running data-intensive applications to large-scale enterprises,” said Dave Wright, CEO, SolidFire. “The powerful combination of SolidFire’s storage system and Internap’s high-performance public cloud compute and storage infrastructure ensures unmatched performance and flexibility for Internap’s customers.”

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