One of the immutable facts that impacts on the world of technology is that you simply can’t change the laws of physics. Sure you can throw some hulking big cloud infrastructure at a problem but you simply can’t overcome the fact that all those bits need to travel across the network to their intended recipient. As the guy who invented the term “Data Gravity”, Dave McCrory likes to say, data has a mass, and the bigger the amount of data you’re trying to transmit, of the further you’re trying to transmit it, the more that gravity impacts upon the end result.

Hence making the network as efficient as possible is step number one to minimize the tyranny of network distance. Some solutions to this problem include dedicated lines, while others include top shelf hardware to push those bits as fast as possible. But all of that is ineffective if the route that all those bits need to take isn’t the most direct or efficient route. Which is where Internap‘s Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) comes in.

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