As more organisations opt to outsource business-critical applications and content to third-party providers, they are faced with the challenge of determining the right mix of IT infrastructure services to meet specific cost, scalability, control and performance requirements.

Jumpy over shared tenancy?

While a shared public cloud offers the convenience of easily scaling infrastructure up and down on-demand, many organisations are still jumpy about the security implications of sharing tenancy. Coupled with that, with the virtualisation layer typically sapping around 10% of the resources, a dedicated, physical infrastructure is often required on performance grounds alone.

A cloud environment is often still the preferred choice for very “bursty” workloads that have fluctuating demands and require more resources in the short term, but this tends to become more expensive for applications that are always on (such as databases or other highly resource-intensive applications) which you can’t turn off at any time during the month. The reality is that organisations require something in between, which is driving demand for flexible, hybrid IT infrastructure solutions that can easily adapt and scale to meet a wide range of use cases and application needs.

Internap is one of the self-styled trailblazers in this space and boasts of an Agile Hosting service to meet these emerging demands. The fully-hybridised service allows enterprises to “seamlessly and instantly” mix, provision and manage both virtual cloud and physical ‘bare metal’ IT infrastructure to meet diverse application and changing global business needs. Read more.