Benchmark testing of a database running on bare metal versus virtual public cloud servers found that the physical machines outperformed the virtual machines in terms of throughput and latency when running different big data workloads.

The comparative performance report released this week was commissioned by Internap Network Services and database partner Aerospike. Internap’s bare metal servers were compared with high-performance virtual public cloud configurations from Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Hosting. The performance tests focused on “fast big data” workloads running Aerospike’s in-memory NoSQL database.

The benchmark tests pitted Internap’s four-node cluster of bare metal servers with solid-state drives (SSDs) against AWS’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers.

Not surprisingly, the benchmark tests found that the bare metal server outperformed the cloud servers in three big data workload tests: “inserting data,” “balanced” and “read heavy” workloads.

Specifically, the benchmark tests conducted by Cloud Spectator found that bare metal servers outperformed Amazon EC2 by 51 percent and Rackspace by a factor of five for throughput speed when inserting data. For the same workload, bare metal outperformed Rackspace with 77 percent lower latency and AWS with 56 percent less latency.

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