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INAP’s Montreal data centers offer a sustainable green design and energy efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art cooling, and electricity that’s 100% generated from renewable sources. Services include:

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Montreal Data Center Features

Montreal’s northerly, inland location benefits from a minimal risk of natural disaster, and also benefits from some of the lowest electricity prices in North America.

Green design
Our Montreal facilities are at the forefront of our commitment to reducing fossil fuel consumption through green design. As well as advanced airflow management, the Montreal data centers use free cooling to cool servers using ambient temperatures which are below freezing for around a quarter of the year, only consuming electricity when it is needed.

Green energy
Electricity at our Montreal facilities is provided by Hydro Québec, whose electricity production is 100% renewable, and 98% from hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity produces just 4 grams of CO2 per Kwh of electricity. That’s 56% less CO2 than wind energy, and less than 1% than that of natural gas and coal.

Carrier diversity
Choose from a wide range of carriers, some of which are only available in Canada, with free cross-connect and bandwidth usage reporting and alerts.

Support & security
The Montreal data center is a bunker type construction with 24-hour human and video surveillance, and 24/7 biometric access. Fire protection includes detection and preventative intervention, and a fire station located less than 500 meters away.

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