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Previous Generation Cloud Pricing

Hourly Cost (Estimated Monthly)

Server Sizes
1 CORE2GB RAM $0.07/hr($50.40/mo)* 5 CORE10GB RAM $0.35/hr($252/mo)*
2 CORE4GB RAM $0.14/hr($100.80/mo)* 6 CORE12GB RAM $0.42/hr($302.40/mo)*
3 CORE6GB RAM<s/pan> $0.21/hr($151.20/mo)* 7 CORE14GB RAM $0.49/hr($352.80/mo)*
4 CORE8GB RAM $0.28/hr($201.60/mo)* Up to11 CORES Contact Us
Storage $0.00027/GB/hr($0.20/GB per month)
Bandwidth $0.10/GB up to 50,000GB
$0.07/GB up to 500,000GB
$0.05/GB 500,000GB and up

*Additional charges may apply dependent on Operating System

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